Climate Justice Activities:

KENGEF will work closely with and Support NGOs, CBOs, youth groups, grassroots women groups, schools, private companies/enterprises and religious institutions that are involved in climate Justice Activities such as Planting Trees, reforestation and Biodiversity conservation initiatives in their bid to respond to the global call to counter climatic changes.


Core Values

The KENGEF Foundation is guided in its work by a number of core values and guiding principles:

  • Mitigating energy poverty
  • Engraved Gifts
  • Implimenting climate justice activities
  • Developing community-led solutions
Our Mission

The Kaytenta Green Energy Foundation aims to:
Act as a link between the chimes of renewable energy entrepreneurs and under served /off-grid Peri-urban and rural communities in Kenya.
Provide Small Grants, facilitate and initiate projects in partnership with local communities, NGOs, and renewable energy entrepreneurs.

Renewable Energy Affordability
A common misconception is that poor people in developing countries cannot afford many goods and services. As overwhelmingly disproved by Peruvian economist Hermando Desoto.

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